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"Beyond Just Stats"

"Cybersports Basketball" is simple program to learn and use. It only takes a couple of games to become very proficient. However, the reports and professional information it generates is very powerful tool and a real competitive edan>



  • State of the art "Point & Click" data entry (No keyboard entries are required during a game).
  • Statistician prompts that insure accuracy.
  • Intutive built-in logic along with quick "On the fly" editing capabilities.
  • Changeable game formats options (Professional, College, High School, International /FIBA, and Custom).
  • XML file import  and export (MaxiPrep, Varee, StatCrew, etc. compatible).
  • Game, Team, Player and Cumulative/Season reports that are presented in a form that coaches can quickly understand and use.
Advanced Features
  • Customize team goals and user definable +/- stat values.
  • Defensive Assists, Shots Blocked, Fouls Drawn, Assist Attempts.
  • Shot Ratings (EZ, Open, Contested and Bad) and Shot Types
  • Voice recognition input.
  • World leader in analytical statistics and reports

To be of value, statistics must be immediate and accurate. Inaccurate or incomplete stats have about as much value as no stats at all. Belated stats are also of little or no value. This is where Cybersports for Basketball excels. With its state of the art "Point & Click" data entry and statistician prompts, it not only insures immediate and accurate statistics, but, in addition, Cybersports for Basketball compiles comprehensive reports and advanced analytics that are quickly to understand and use.

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Sample Available Season Reports

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