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HoopTactics is a comprehensive online resource designed to greatly enhance your basketball knowledge, expertise and appreciation of this great game. Decades of intensive research and study have gone into building this site. Hundreds of offensive and defensive strategies are illustrated in great detail. From top professional ranks to the beginner youth levels, HoopTactics has something for everyone.

It is comprised of a multitude of in-depth, easy to understand, graphical presentations that take you deep into the world of basketball with hundreds of proven offensive, defensive, coaching and playing strategies that will help you win on the court, in the locker room and on the bench.

Whether you are looking for new ideas or just looking to refresh your memory, you will not find a better basketball resource. Guaranteed. HoopTactics presentations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can surf and learn at your own pace. You will return again and again to HoopTactics for new answers, new motivation , and new ideas. 

Check it out for yourself. You won't find a more intense or comprehensive study of basketball strategies anywhere else in the world, guaranteed.

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Whether you coach on a Professional level, the youth level or anywhere in between, you will dramatically improve your basketball knowledge, teaching abilities and skills using HoopTactics. The strategies presented are the result of decades of coaching, scouting, clinics, conversations and observations on all levels of basketball throughout the world.

If you coach basketball, HoopTactics is for you.



Players on all levels will greatly improve their game, and gain a competitive advantage by using HoopTactics. Go beyond just the how's, and learn the when's & why's of various basketball skills and techniques. HoopTactics will make you a more solid, aggressive and intelligent player. In the process, you'll increase your self-confidence and playing success every time you take the court.

Want to compete on the highest levels of the game? HoopTactics is for you.




Personal Trainer or Teaching a basketball class? Supplementing your on court and classroom instructions with a powerful online reference surely makes sense. With the cost and limitations of textbooks now days, this does not only save students money, but most importantly, it greatly enhances the students’ learning experience. Reading and writing assignments along with student discussion board posts can be easily integrated with the HoopTactics website.

Let HoopTactics enhance your student's learning experiences. 


Family & Friends

Do you have a family member or close friend on a team? Do more than just cheer. HoopTactics provides you with a deep understanding and appreciation of the game. What you learn from HoopTactics enables you to contribute and support your family member's or friend's basketball dreams and endeavors -  both 'On' and 'Off' the court.

Help someone succeed and have a rewarding experience: HoopTactics is for you.


Fans & Enthusiasts

Do you consider yourself a serious basketball fan? Take your enthusiasm to a whole new level. Explore our in-depth, on court battle plans. Follow the game's action with a lot more savvy. Learn to spot and understand offensive and defensive strategies quickly and accurately. Become more than just a spectator.

Let HoopTactics make you a REAL "armchair quarterback."




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"HoopTactics is the most amazing basketball resource I've ever come across!" - Joel Hueser

"This is an awesome resource!”- Justin Kamm

"The most comprehensive and informative website on basketball strategy I’ve ever seen." - Brian Prince

"A treasure trove of great ideas." - Dereck Atencio

"Great site! Really enjoy it and have learned a lot." - Paul Niland

"What a find! HoopTactics is exactly what I have been looking for." - Jamie O’Louglin

"I love the concept behind HoopTactics." - Kevin Orr

"Wow, what an incredible basketball resource." - Tony Hugill

"Thank you. I have learned so much from HoopTactics." - Ronnie Jones

"The best on the net to learn about basketball tactics." - Todd Oakerton

"By far the best resource on the web. The content is so completely organized and the illustrations superb!" - Rick Larsen

"I have read and gleaned over just about every page. There is so much information." - Lyle Hicks

"What a resource! Thanks for all the great tips and add me as a subscriber." - Bill Cornell



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The Premium Membership Area is intended for the serious minded viewer. As a Premium Member you'll be able to master of hundreds of hard to beat strategies and techniques as well as keeping abreast of all the latest strategies as HoopTactics continues to expand.

Stop wasting your valuable time searching the web and periodicals for ideas and answers. HoopTactics' Premium Membership is an all-in-one, comprehensive resource for all your basketball needs. Premium Membership will not only greatly enhance your basketball knowledge and expertise, but will also provide you with a greater enthusiasm and appreciation for the game.

Whether you are an NBA head coach, a little dribbler's coach, player or an interested spectator, you'll find HoopTactics a very valuable and complete resource. These highly successful, proven presentations are grouped into four basic areas: Offensive Strategies, Defensive Strategies, Coaching Strategies, and Player Development.

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Premium Memberships are the way of keeping the HoopTactics site Ad free. Not only are Ads very annoying, but, more importantly, they are a distraction and a nuisance that interfere with the learning process. 100% of all HoopTactics’ Premium Memberships go into maintenance and enhancements providing for a CLEAN and CLEAR website that insures maximum understanding and learning to take place. 

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Our Free Area offers many samples of the HoopTactics Strategies that available to our Premium Members. They are presented in their entirety to show the power of HoopTactics. If you are new to HoopTactics, we suggest that you take your time and explore the Free Area first, before deciding if Premium Membership is right for you. There are a multitude of basketball strategies and techniques available for your viewing.

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Check out the HoopTactics Offensive Strategies


HoopTactics' Offensive Techniques Strategies include Early Offense, Set Offenses, Motion Offenses, Spread Offenses, Zone Offenses and Offensive Situations. They go well beyond just the basic play action. Learn how to master proven offensive sets along with their counter options, and to understand the strategies behind them that make them so successful. HoopTactics Offensive Presentations will definitely increase your offensive basketball knowledge, expertise, and success.

Click Here to visit Early Offense

Early Offense

The main reason for early offense is to advance the ball into the front court area and attack before the defense is able to become organized into a disruptive force. In advancing the ball into the offensive operating area quickly, it creates quick medium jump shots, or penetration lay-ups, or kick out passes along with severe mismatches. Explore in detail the three phases of an early offense.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click Here to Visit Set Offenses

Set Offenses

Although most teams would prefer to play the up-tempo, fast-break transition game that personifies today's basketball, the "Set Play" is the staple of the game. Set plays use teamwork and screening actions in an effort to create open shots. Explore the most commonly used basketball offenses graphically illustrated and analyzed in great detail.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click Here to visit Motion Offenses

Motion Offenses

Through constant player movement, teams of average size and abilities can overcome and defeat teams of superior talent and size. However, this requires players to play together as a single unit. More importantly, it requires players to possess an unselfish attitude to create open shot opportunities for their teammates. This constant player movement must have purpose and patience in attacking the defense.


Click Here to Visit >>>

Click Here to visit Spread Offenses

Spread Offenses

Spread offenses are normally deployed at the end of game to protect a hard earned lead, or when a team is totally mismatched. By spreading the court, it not only takes time off the clock, but also increases the area the defense must defend. However, in spreading the court, teams must make sure to continue to make basket cuts and attack the basket. Holding the ball for the sake of trying to run time off the clock will allow the defense to become more aggressive and disruptive.

Click Here to Explore >>>

Click Here to visit Proven Zone Offenses

Proven Zone Offenses

The need for a solid zone attack is paramount on every level of the game. Attacking zone defenses requires ball movement and total team effort compared to the player movement and individual skills required in attacking man-to-man defenses. Good outside shooting, early offense (fast breaks) and offensive rebounding are key elements to a successful zone offense.

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Click Here to visit Offensive Situations

Offensive Situations

Discover that winning of "BIG" games and championships are not a matter of chance. They are a result of being prepared down to the smallest detailed. Out of bounds, free throws, press breaks, attacking combination defenses, jump balls, and last shot situations all need to be addressed. End of game situations and clock management really become paramount late in the season when a single shot can determine a team’s playoff fate.

Click Here to Explore >>>


Check out The HoopTactics Defensive Strategies


Face with the dilemma of having to defend and disrupt the escalating power of today's modern offenses and talented offensive players, HoopTactics Defensive Presentations focus upon the kind of defensive strategies which best confront and keep your opponents from executing their set plays. Learn how to force more rushed or bad shots. How to create more bad passes and turnovers. How to eliminate one-on-one isolations, and ways to increase the number of defensive stops.

HoopTactics' Defensive Techniques & Strategies show you how to disrupt even the most potent offenses. HoopTactics' Defensive Strategies encompass SOS Defense, Disruptive Pressure Defense, Zone Defenses, Combination Defenses, Defensive Transition, Half Court Presses, Full Court Presses, Defending Most Common Offenses, and Defensive Situations.

Click here to visit SOS Defense

SOS Defense System

SOS pressure "D" can disrupt the most potent offenses with techniques and tactics that dictate the flow of the game. These defensive tactics set the tempo by striking first rather than reacting to an opponent's game plan. NBA Defensive Guru, Bob Kloppenburg, shares the basics of pressure "D" at its devastating best!


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click here to visit Defensive Player Skill Development

Player Development - Defensive Fundamentals

The success of any defense is totally dependent on player skills and techniques. Like their offensive counterparts, defensive fundamentals must be broken down and practiced constantly. Players need to know and practice how to guard the player with the ball, how to guard a player without the ball, how to guard a cutter, how to guard a player in post area, and how to box out and rebound on shots.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click Here to visit Defensive Disruptions

Defensive Disruptions

Tenacious defensive players will never let up during the entire game. They are workaholic. They challenges every shot, pass, dribble, and cut. This is the very foundation on which Disruptive Pressure Defense is built. Every blocked shot, every bad pass, every rushed shot, every turnover, and every disrupted offensive pattern are vital to the outcome of the game.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click Here to visit Defensive Disruptions

Zone Defenses

In zone defenses, defenders are assigned to guard specific areas on the court. Zone defenses are named or designated by their player alignments. One of the biggest advantages of zone defenses are their simplicity. They are fairly easy to teach and learn which is important for programs where coaches do not have a lot of practice time. They also can be used when players do not possess a lot athleticism or quickness.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click here to visit Transition Defense

Defensive Transition

Good transition defense really starts with good offense. When players take good care of the ball and take good shots along with strong offensive rebounding and defensive balance, it makes it difficult for the opponent to push the ball. However, do not do not leave defensive transition up to chance. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click Here to Visit Half Court Presses

Half Court Presses

One of the most effective weapons to slow down and disrupt a fast break team is a half court zone press. Since most fast break teams rely on a single ball handler, this plays right into the strength of a half court press by forcing the ball handler to dribble penetrate right into a double team. Most opponents will normally only have one set half court press break. Once the primary options are taken away, it leaves them only with a disorganized free lance attack.


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Click Here to Visit Full Court Presses

Full Court Presses

Extending the defense can be very potent weapon at times. However, the effectiveness of full court pressure is dependent timing and on the execution of the basic individual defensive fundamentals. The types of presses deployed will vary according to player personnel, and to the game situation.


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Click Here to Visit Combination Defenses

Combination Defense

Combination defenses can be very devastating to any team not prepared to attack them. Like all defenses, they have their strengths and weakness. However, timing is the most critical factor to their success. One of the biggest problem of using combination defenses is that most coaches do not take the time to prepare a team sufficiently enough for them to be real effective. Combination defenses, like all defenses, need to be practiced and refined.


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Click Here to Visit Defensive Situations

Defensive Situations

Winning of "BIG" games and championships are not a matter of chance. They are a result of being prepared down to the smallest detailed. Do not ever expect your players to execute anything defensively during a game that you have not covered in practice. Defensive situations covered include out of bounds plays, jump balls, defending against a "Super Star" and "Footer," boxing out on free throws, and last shots.


Click Here to Explore >>>


Free Area Coaching Strategies


Coaching requires a real commitment and dedication. Coaches should be well trained in the art of teaching. They must not only know what they are doing, but must also have an enthusiasm and enjoyment for doing it. Coaches must impart this energy to the team. Being well organized and prepared requires careful planning and thought.

The HoopTactics' Coaching Techniques & Strategies are not only intended to increase your coaching knowledge and expertise, but just as importantly, to inspire you to better analyze, refine, and teach the skills and techniques that make for a highly successful season and career. Coaching Strategies are divided into: Coaching Prerequisites, The Art of Teaching Basketball, Practice Guidelines, Game Preparation, Game Time Decisions, Winning Close Games, and Post Game Analysis.

Click here to view coaching prerequisites

Coaching Prerequisites

Coaching is all about the players and not the coach. Being a coach carries awesome power & responsiblity. Before you step out onto the court, be sure that you understand the ramifications of the responsibilities and liabilities that go along with coaching.


Explore Coaching Prerequisites >>>

Click here to view the art of teaching basketball

The Art of Teaching Basketball

Player performance is directly related to coach’s ability to teach. Therefore, coaches should possess a solid working knowledge of the laws of learning and teaching methods. Coaches must not only possess the knowledge of the game and how to teach it, but they must also possess the enthusiasm and enjoyment for doing it and impart this energy to their teams.


Explore Teaching Basketball >>>

Click here to view practice guidelines

Practice Guidelines

Since most programs do not have a lot of practice time, it is imperative that coaches organize their time wisely. This requires careful planning and thought. The practice of planning in advance not only assures a well organized and efficient practice, but also makes it possible to get more accomplished.

Explore Practice Guidelines >>>

Click here to view game preparation

Game Preparation

You must prepare to win. Get your coaching done prior to, not during the game. Practices should prepare a team physically, technically, and mentally for game competition. Emphasis should focus on execution and effort. Players must also learn to develop the habit of working and playing hard at all times. Great teams are a result of the best players being the hardest workers.

Game Preparation >>>

Click here to view game time decisions

Game Time Decisions

In excuting a well thought out game plan, realize that it's not what the coaches know, but what their players know that counts. Each player should be prepared and confident in meeting whatever offenses and defenses the opponent may utilize. During a game, do not expect your players to execute anything that has not been covered in practice. Do your homework.

Game Time Decisions >>>

Click here to view winning close games

Winning Close Games

Discover that winning of "BIG" games and championships are not a matter of chance. They are a result of being prepared down to the smallest detailed. End of game situations and clock management really become paramount late in the season when a single shot can determine a team’s playoff fate.

Winning Close Games >>

Click here to view post game analysis

Post Game Review and Analysis

Successful coaches learn much more from a game than their opponent. This is the result of putting in the time and effort after the game to evaluate and to analyze the team and individual player performance. The final score is still paramount. However, how that score is achieved is now of the utmost importance for future play.

Explore Post Game Analysis


Free Area Player Development


"The Game Within a Game"

Basketball, more than any other sport, requires integration of individual talent and skills into unselfish team play. By improving themselves players can improve their team's success as well. Despite the size, superior conditioning, and talent of today's basketball players, who succeeds and who fails is determined by fundamental skills and desire.

Developing and mastering basketball skills is not easy. The perfecting of basketball skills requires active learning on the part of the players. To be effective, precise execution and footwork are vital. Repetition is a must. Motor skill learning also requires visualization and mental practice.

HoopTactics' Player Development & Performance Presentations will definitely enhance players' chances for success by greatly improving their playing skills, game preparation, and playing intelligence. Player Development Presentations consist of Player Prerequisities, Practicing Smart, Playing Smart, Offensive Skill Development and Defensive Skill Development.

Click Here to Explore Player Prerequisites

Player Prerequisites

Being an athlete does not imply merely wearing the uniform and being a member of a team. Being a true athlete is by no means an easy job. Training is exacting and the responsibility is heavy. What is done off the court is just as important as what is done on it. With rest and diet just as important as exercise. To undergo such an athletic endeavor, players must prepare themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Click here to Explore Practicing Smart

Practicing Smart

The learning and perfecting of basketball skills require active learning on the part of the players. The best way to learn basketball is to practice BASKETBALL. However, pay attention to detail. Precise execution and footwork are vital since bad habits can be practiced as well as good ones. Don't expect basketball skills to improve quickly. Improvement is the result of a well planned and executed program of exercise, rest, and diet over time.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click Here to Explore Playing Smart

Playing Smart

Succesful players gain a competitive advantage by playing intelligently. Player performance is dependent on the correct execution of the basic fundamentals and timing. All the basketball skills and abilities in the world are of little value unless they are applied correctly. When learning and refining basketball skills, it is just as important to learn "WHY" and "WHEN" as well as "HOW" to perform and execute them.

Click Here to Explore >>>

Click here to Explore Offensive Player Skill Development

Offensive Skill Development

Developing and mastering basketball skills is not easy task. It is a never ending process requiring countless hours of practice and refinement. However, once learned, they will put you into the game. Work hard to overcome weaknesses. It is easy to practice something you already do well, and that is exactly what most players do. However, the best way to get better is to work on your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. With proper practice you not only improve your skills, but more importantly, you will increase your level of confidence and success.


Click Here to Explore >>>

Click here to Explore Defensive Player Skill Development

Defensive Skill Development

Since basketball players spend most of their time and efforts developing and refining their offensive skills, they are usually very ill prepared defensively. However, to be successful, players must possess a working knowledge of the various defensive skills and techniques. Like their offensive counterparts, defensive fundamentals must be broken down and practiced constantly on all levels of the game.

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