Basketball Basics

Basketball Basics will inspire and motivate you to improve your understanding, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game. More than any other sport, basketball requires the integration of individual talent and skills into unselfish team play.

This introductory overview will guide you through some of the basics of basketball. Experts and amateurs will find useful information that is both interesting and informative, such as court lines and areas, basic types of offenses and defenses, original  rules and their transformation into today's high paced game.

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Court Lines Markings & Areas

Semantics are a big part of the game. To eliminate confusion, coaches, players and spectators alike must all communicate using the same basic basketball terminology. Explore the court lines, markings & areas found on a typical basketball court along with comparing court sizes, markings used on the different levels of basketball.


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Player Positions & Roles

In the original basketball rules there was no limit to the number of players on the court. In fact, there were games consisting of 50 players on a side. However, in today’s modern game five players are allowed on the court at one time. These five players typically consist of two guards, two forwards and a post or center. Each of these positions requires specific responsibilities and skills. Learn more about the roles and responsibilites of each position


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Interpreting Play Diagrams

Basketball play diagrams are the universal language of basketball coaches used throughout the world. To some, play diagrams may look like hieroglyphics or may be difficult to comprehend. However, by using a few basic symbols and color, HoopTactics makes it easy for even a novice to understand even the most complex play action.


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Types of Offenses

Various types of offenses are designed to use teamwork to free up or isolate players for good shots against the multitudes of defenses. Explore the various types of offenses and their functions. Learn and recognize the twelve basic offensive alignments. Examine twenty things to consider about offense.

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Types of Defenses

Points prevented are just as important as points scored. Every contested shot, every bad pass, and every turnover forced along with every disrupted offensive pattern is vital to the outcome of the game. Explore the basic types of defenses and their functions. Learn about the three different types of person-to-person defense. Understand the various of types of zone defenses and their usage. Discover combination defenses and their usage.


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Evolution of the Game

Dr. Naismith, with all of his imaginative planning, could not have dreamed his "Peach Basket" game would develop into the world’s greatest indoor sport played by the world’s greatest athletes. Although the original 13 rules have been expanded to over 100, the spirit and principles of the original rules are still in effect in today. Check out the major rules changes that have taken place over the years.


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Rule Knowledge: Fouls & Violations

Fouling plays a critical part in the outcome of a basketball game, especially when it comes playoff time. Fouls were added to the basketball rule book to penalize. However, intelligent players and teams can use fouls to their advantage. Learn the types of fouls and their penalties. Explore the various free throw situations and understand the various types of violations and their penalties.


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Basketball Statistics

In the past, basketball statistics were a luxury available only to professional and major college teams. But, computers have changed all of this. They have taken the huge burden and responsibility of statistics off the coaches’ back, while providing them a wealth of information that coaches only a decade ago dreamed about. The final score is still paramount. However, how it was achieved is vital to future play.


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