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Trap Zones

Neutralizing the Offensive Advantage

Obviously in the game of basketball, the offensive player has a big advantage over a defensive player. However, Disruptive Pressure Defense can neutralize this advantage with sound defensive fundamentals and teamwork. Team defense does not only eliminate all one-on-one isolations and player mismatches that may occur during a game, but it also provides defenders with strong, helpside support and quick hitting double teams which, in turn, allows them to exert more pressure on the ball hander without any fear of getting beat.

Because basketball players spend most of their time and efforts developing and refining their offensive skills, they are usually very ill prepared defensively. Yet, despite having little or no defensive skills, coaches still expect their players to be able to go out guard outstanding offensive opponents. However, for them to be successful, players must first possess a working knowledge of the basic defensive concepts and fundamentals. These basic concepts include: Trap Zones, Red Zone, Pushpoints, Helpside I, and Box Pressure.


Trap Zones - Click Here  Trap Zones - Out of Bounds Lines Defender's Greatest Allies

Red Zone Click Here  Red Zone - Keeping the Ball Out of the Middle

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Learn More - Click Here  Helpside I - Providing Backside Support

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