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Common Basketball Injuries

Bleeding Injury

Coaches, assistants, volunteers, and personal trainers, in addition to having a current first aid certification, should be alert to treat the following basketball related injuries:

Head injuries:
First aid: take all head injuries seriously. Remove from practice or game and seek medical advice. Requires doctor’s permission before returning to play.

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Ankle Sprains:
First aid: Ice and elevation (internal bleeding). If/when no ice available tie shoe strings tighter. Do not remove shoe. Serious sprains require x-rays.

Knee Twist:
First aid: Ice and elevation. Seek medical evaluation.

Bleeding: Cuts especially around the eye brows (Elbows)
First aid: Using gloves apply a sterile gauze pad(s) apply direct pressure and elevation.

Bloody Nose:
First aid: Have player sitting down, pinch nose (direct pressure) and lean slightly forward using a towel or sterile gauze pad.

Abrasions (floor burns):
First Aid: wash with soap and water. Cover loosely.

Dislocations: Fingers, shoulder
First aid: immobilize and transport. Do NOT try to relieve dislocation.

Jammed finger or thumb:
First aid: apply ice. Tape injured finger to adjacent finger by rapping two thin pieces of tape between joints. Do NOT tape over a joint.

Heat Exhaustion (excessive sweating):
First Aid: Cool down and give water. Do not put back into game. Heat exhaustion can progress into life threatening heat stroke.

Muscle Cramps:
First aid: apply direct pressure. Once relieve, massage or knead. Adnominal cramps are serious seek medical assistance immediately.

Contusions and Bruises:
First Aid: apply ice to injured area (internal bleeding).

Strains & Muscle Pulls: Growing, Thighs, Hamstrings
First Aid: Ice

Knocked Out Tooth:
First Aid: Jam tooth back into position and transport to dentist. If tooth, cannot be held in place in mouth, put it into cold water or milk. Dental injuries are all too common among young athletes, especially those playing basketball and baseball. According to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, more than 3 million teeth will be knocked out in youth sporting events in the United States this year.

Youth Basketball - Minor bumps, falls, and pride injuries:
First Aid: Take to water fountain and have them drink or rub some “Holy Water” on injury.


Do not use elastic bandages except for holding on ice bags. Elastic bandages can cut off circulation and form blood clots which can be life threatening.


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