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Set Offenses

   Base Cross 
   Triangle Post
   High Post Split
   Side Screen
   Single Double

Motion Offenses

   Reverse Action
   Triangle Action
   Passing Game

Spread Offenses

   Four Down
   Give & Go Isolation
   Drive & Kick
   Four Corners
   Stack (Spread)

Zone Offense

   High Low
   1-4 Slice
   Blue Stack

Early Offense

   Early push
   Attacking Out Number Sits
   Continuous Flow
   Final Leg/Continuity
   Press Breaks
   Proven Early Flow Sets (57)

Off Situations

   Out of Bounds Overview
   Out of Bounds Plays
   Sideline Out of Bounds
   Protecting Lead
   Last Shot Situations
   Shot Last Plays
   Attacking Box & One
   Jump Ball Plays

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SOS Defense

   Basic Rules
   On Ball Fundamentals
   Off Ball Fundamentals
   Contact Switching

Basic Disruptions

   Basic Concepts
   Baseline Disruptions
   Double Teaming
   Off Ball Screens
   On Ball Screens
   Post Disruptions

Def Most Common Offenses

   Base Cross 

   Mid Screen
   Triangle Post
   Side Screen
   UCLA (HP Rub)
   High Post Split

   1-4 Isolation
   Passing Game

Transition Defense

   Fast Break Prevention 
   Defensive Balance
   Def Out Numbered Sits
   Missed Field Goal
   Missed Free Throw
   Turnover Recovery
   Loose Ball Recovery

   Outlet Pass Disruption
   Block Shot Recovery

Half Court Presses

   "X" Press
   1-2-2 Zone
   1-3-1 Zone
   SOS "Laker Red"
   SOS Shadow

Full Court Presses

   SOS Shadow
   1-2-1-1 Diamond
   2-2-1 Containment
   Press Adjustments

Zone Defenses

   2-3 Zone
   2-1-2 Zone
   1-2-2 Zone
   3-2 Zone
   1-3-1 Zone
   Amoeba Zone

   Match-Up Zone

Combination Defenses

   Box & One
   Diamond & One
   Triangle & Two

Def Situations

   Baseline Out of Bounds
   Sideline Out of Bounds
   Iso's & Mismatches
   Free Throw Defense
   Defending Super Star
   Defending Footer
   Defending Last Shot
   Defensive Jump Balls

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Coaching Prerequisites

 Coaching Guidelines
 Personal Liability & Insurance
 Injury Prevention & Safety
 Medical Emergency Preparation
 Time Management
 Thoughts to Consider
 Vital Team Atmosphere

 Motivation & Learning
 Motor Skill Learning
 Offensive Fundamentals
 Defensive Fundamentals
 Types of Offenses
 Sound Offensive Principles

 Types of Defenses

Practice Organization

   Practice Guidelines
   Practice Organization
   Benefits of Conditioning
   Conditioning & Memory

   Early Time
   Proper Warm-Up
   Cooling Down
   Hands Up Importance
   Mastering Fundamentals
   Rebounding Flight Time

   Scrimmage Ideas

   Drills & Skills
   Practice Schedule Form
   Free Court Diagrams (36)

Game Preparation

   Defensive Stopper
   6th Person Role
   Strong Inbounds Passer
   Jump Ball Situations

   Attacking Zones
   Zone Reads & Counters
   Zone Offenses

   Def Out of Bounds
   Def Free Throw Situation
   Defending Super Star
   Defending Footer
   Professional Scouting


Game Decisions

   Defensive Stops
   Real Competitors
   Player Performance
   Sound Substitutions
   Wise Time Outs
   Half Time Adjustments
   In Game Charting

Winning Close Games

   End of Game Strategies
   Clock Management & Fouling
   End of Game Substitutions
   End of Period Situations

   Protecting a Lead
   Defending 3 Point Shots
   Last Shot Guidelines
   Proven Last Shot Plays
   Defending Last Shot
   Really Big Plays

Post Game Analysis

   Game Evaluation & Analysis
   Why Keep Stats
   Statistical Metamorphosis
   What the Reports Tell
   Available Game Reports
   Breaking Down Video

   Season Tendencies
   Cybersports for Basketball

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Player Prerequisites

   What It Take To Be A Player
   Atmosphere of Greatness
   Perfect Player Criteria
   Dreams & Goals

   Real Competitors
   Motor Skill Learning
   Training Demands

 It's not about the shoes - Video

Practicing Smart

   Practice Expectations
   Game of Habits
   Conditioning Guidelines
   ET (Early Time)
   Proper Warm-up
   Cooling Down
   Importance of Hands Up
   Mastering Fundamentals
   Drills to Improve Skills

   1 Degree Extra Effort(Video)

Playing Smart

   Scoring vs Shooting
   Avoiding Foul Trouble
   Clock Management
   Playing Thru Adversity
Successfull Playmaking
   Attacking Out Number Sits
   Defending Out Number Sits
   Loose Balls & Deflections
   Turnover Recovery

   Shot Recovery


Off Skills & Techniques

   Improving Shooting
   Raising Passing Level
   Increasing Shooting Range
   Strong Inside Game
   Advance Post Moves
   Offensive Rebounding Moves
   Improving Your Free Throws

   Inbounding the Ball
   Creating a Strong Lead
   Executing Off-Ball Screens
   Off-Ball Screen Reads
   Executing On-Ball Screens
   On-Ball Screen Reads

Drills to Improve Off Skills


Def Skills & Techniques

   Basic Concepts
   Pressuring the Ballhandler
   Containing a Dribbler
   Def Dribble Penetration
   Strong Pass Denials
   Strong Helpside Support
   Quick Close Outs

   Defending the Post

   Disrupting Cutters
   Defensive Rebounding
   Taking a Charge
   Double Teaming
Disrupting "Off" Ball Screens
   Attacking "On" Ball Screens

   Drills to Improve Def Skills

Off Season Development

   "It's Up to Me" 
   Importance of 3-on-3 
   Improving Your Quickness 
   Off Skill Development 
   Def Skill Development 
   Free Throw Marksman Club 

   Drill for Skills


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