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Post Game Analysis

Analyzing & Evaluating Performance, Breaking Down Video and Scouting

"I don’t believe in keeping statistics. The only stat that matters is the final score."

This was true at one time, mainly because their opponents were not keeping and using statistics either. However, times have definitely changed. If you currently don't believe in keeping and using statistics, you had better not play the Larry Brown’s, Mike Krzyewski's, or Pat Summitt’s, who are all masters of game evaluation and preparation. The final score is still paramount. However, how that score is achieved is now of the utmost importance for future play.

Successful coaches learn much more from a game than their opponent. This is the result of putting in the time and effort after the game to evaluate and to analyze the team and individual players performance. In this post game evaluation, it is important to look for and stress things that were done well not just negative factors.

Computers have now taken the huge burden and responsibility of statistics off the coaches’ back, while providing them a wealth of information that coaches only a decade ago dreamed about. However, to be of value this information must be presented in a meaningful and useable manner. This is where software programs like CyberSports for basketball excel.  These software programs not only compile statistics with a click of the mouse, but they also generate reports that present this information in a form that coaches can quickly understand and use.

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