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Coaching is all about the players and not the coach. Being a coach carries awesome power and responsiblity. It requires a real commitment of time and dedication. Before you step out onto the court, be sure that you understand all of the responsibilities and liabilities that go along with coaching. They include proper supervision, adequate instruction, injury prevention & player safety, prompt medical care, keeping written records, and reporting harassment (bullying) and sexual misconduct.

Insure your players that they are going to play in a team atmosphere. On every level of basketball, one of the most important aspects of coaching is creating and fostering a total team atmosphere and commitment. It is the difference between success and failure. The real success in coaching does not come from winning. It comes with the teaching and assisting your players to become the best they are capable of becoming “On” and “Off” the court. Make sure that the time that ALL of your players spend with you is a lifelong, rewarding and positive experience. Too many players are having bad experiences with coaches.

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