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The HoopTactics' Coaching Strategies are not only intended to increase your coaching knowledge and expertise, but just as importantly, to inspire you to better analyze, refine, and teach the skills and techniques that make for a highly successful season and career. Coaching Strategies are divided into: Coaching Prerequisites, The Art of Teaching Basketball, Practice Guidelines, Game Preparation, Game Time Decisions, Winning Close Games, and Post Game Analysis.

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Coaching Prerequisites

Coaching is all about the players and not the coach. Being a coach carries awesome power & responsiblity. Before you step out onto the court, be sure that you understand the ramifications of the responsibilities and liabilities that go along with coaching.


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The Art of Teaching Basketball

Player performance is directly related to coach’s ability to teach. Therefore, coaches should possess a solid working knowledge of the laws of learning and teaching methods. Coaches must not only possess the knowledge of the game and how to teach it, but they must also possess the enthusiasm and enjoyment for doing it and impart this energy to their teams.


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Practice Guidelines

Since most programs do not have a lot of practice time, it is imperative that coaches organize their time wisely. This requires careful planning and thought. The practice of planning in advance not only assures a well organized and efficient practice, but also makes it possible to get more accomplished.

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Game Preparation

You must prepare to win. Get your coaching done prior to, not during the game. Practices should prepare a team physically, technically, and mentally for game competition. Emphasis should focus on execution and effort. Players must also learn to develop the habit of working and playing hard at all times. Great teams are a result of the best players being the hardest workers.

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Game Time Decisions

In excuting a well thought out game plan, realize that it's not what the coaches know, but what their players know that counts. Each player should be prepared and confident in meeting whatever offenses and defenses the opponent may utilize. During a game, do not expect your players to execute anything that has not been covered in practice. Do your homework.

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Winning Close Games

Discover that winning of "BIG" games and championships are not a matter of chance. They are a result of being prepared down to the smallest detailed. End of game situations and clock management really become paramount late in the season when a single shot can determine a team’s playoff fate.

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Post Game Review and Analysis

Successful coaches learn much more from a game than their opponent. This is the result of putting in the time and effort after the game to evaluate and to analyze the team and individual player performance. The final score is still paramount. However, how that score is achieved is now of the utmost importance for future play.

Post Game Analysis


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