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Offensive Skill Development

"Practice makes perfect is only true if the proper mechanics are being employed."

Basketball is unique in that it is both a team game and an individual game, "a game within a game." Basketball, more than any other sport, requires integration of individual talent and skills into unselfish team play. Therefore, improving yourself as a player is vital to your team. Despite, size conditioning and talent of today's basketball players, who succeeds and who fails is determined by who possesses fundamental skills. Developing and mastering basketball skills is not easy task. It is a never ending process requiring countless hours of practice and refinement. However, once learned, they will put you into the game.

Work hard to overcome weaknesses. It is easy to practice something you already do well, and that is exactly what most players do. However, the best way to get better is to work on your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. If you are having shooting problems, learn to shoot the correct way and then practice. If you have trouble dribbling with your weak hand, then practice dribbling with that hand. If you need to improve your defensive quickness or jumping ability, practice footwork and jumping drills. With proper practice you not only improve your skills; but more importantly, you will increase your level of confidence and success. Have fun and enjoy this great game!

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