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Defensive Skill Development

"A tenacious defensive player will never let up during the entire game. He is a workaholic. He challenges every shot, pass, dribble, and cut. A team with this attitude will win the “big” games, and championships."

Since basketball players spend most of their time and efforts developing and refining their offensive skills, they are usually very ill prepared defensively. Yet, despite having little or no defensive skills, coaches still expect their players to be able to go out and guard outstanding offensive opponents. However, to be successful, players must first possess a working knowledge of the defensive fundamentals.

Like their offensive counterparts, defensive fundamentals must be broken down and practiced constantly on all levels of basketball. Players need to know and practice how to guard the player with the ball, how to guard a player without the ball, how to guard a cutter, how to guard a player in post area, and how to box out and rebound on shots.

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Individual "On Ball" Skills & Techniques

learm more - click here  Basic Defensive Concepts & Principles

learm more - click here  Pressuring the Player with the Ball

Premium Membership  Containing a Dribbler

Premium Membership  Defending Against Dribble Penetration

Premium Membership   Maintaining a Strong Pass Denial Position


Individual "Off Ball" Skills & Techniques 

Premium Membership   Defending & Disrupting Cutters

Premium Membership  Defending the Post Area

Premium Membership  Defending the High Post Area

Premium Membership   Providing Strong Backside Support

Premium Membership   Executing Quick Closeouts


Premium Membership  Defensive Rebounding Techniques & Methods

Premium Membership  Taking a Charge

Premium Membership  Double Teaming

premium membership  Techniques for Disrupting "Off" Ball Screens

premium membership  Attacking "On" Ball Screens


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