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Basketball, more than any other sport, requires integration of individual talent and skills into unselfish team play. By improving themselves players can improve their team's success as well. Despite the size, superior conditioning, and talent of today's basketball players, who succeeds and who fails is determined by fundamental skills and desire.

Developing and mastering basketball skills is not easy. However, HoopTactics Player Development Presentations will definitely enhance players' chances for success by greatly improving their playing skills, game preparation, and playing intelligence.

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Player Prerequisites

Being an athlete does not imply merely wearing the uniform and being a member of a team. Being a true athlete is by no means an easy job. Training is exacting and the responsibility is heavy. What is done off the court is just as important as what is done on it. With rest and diet just as important as exercise. To undergo such an athletic endeavor, players must prepare themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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Practicing Smart

The learning and perfecting of basketball skills require active learning on the part of the players. The best way to learn basketball is to practice BASKETBALL. However, pay attention to detail. Precise execution and footwork are vital since bad habits can be practiced as well as good ones. Don't expect basketball skills to improve quickly. Improvement is the result of a well planned and executed program of exercise, rest, and diet over time.


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Playing Smart

Succesful players gain a competitive advantage by playing intelligently. Player performance is dependent on the correct execution of the basic fundamentals and timing. All the basketball skills and abilities in the world are of little value unless they are applied correctly. When learning and refining basketball skills, it is just as important to learn "WHY" and "WHEN" as well as "HOW" to perform and execute them.

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Offensive Skill Development

Developing and mastering basketball skills is not easy task. It is a never ending process requiring countless hours of practice and refinement. However, once learned, they will put you into the game. Work hard to overcome weaknesses. It is easy to practice something you already do well, and that is exactly what most players do. However, the best way to get better is to work on your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. With proper practice you not only improve your skills, but more importantly, you will increase your level of confidence and success.


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Defensive Skill Development

Since basketball players spend most of their time and efforts developing and refining their offensive skills, they are usually very ill prepared defensively. However, to be successful, players must possess a working knowledge of the various defensive skills and techniques. Like their offensive counterparts, defensive fundamentals must be broken down and practiced constantly on all levels of the game.

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