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Practicing Smart

The learning and perfecting of basketball skills require active learning on the part of the players. The best way to learn basketball is to practice BASKETBALL. However, to be effective, basketball skills and techniques must be learned and practiced at game speed. Pay attention to detail. Precise execution and footwork are vital. Repetition is a must for motor skill learning. Motor skill learning also requires visualization and mental practice.

Motor skill learning is dependent upon physical conditioning. Superior conditioning does not just happen nor is it acquired quickly. It is the result of a well planned and executed program of exercise, rest, and diet. Rest and diet is just as important as exercise.

Training is exacting and the responsibility is heavy. What is done off the court is as important as what is done on it. To be successful, each player as well as the team collectively, must possess the desire and determination to develop a superior physical condition. Throughout the course of the season the team will be pushed and trained hard. However, it is going to be up to each individual player to see that their maximum physical condition is achieved and maintained. Anything less is a violation of a trust.

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