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SOS Pressure Defense

Key to Playing and Teaching Hard-nosed Pressure Defense

The SOS Pressure Defensive system is based on the concept of total disruption. Total disruption is achieved by having the defense initiate the action and attack the offense. SOS Pressure Defense disrupts the most potent offenses with techniques and tactics that force the offensive players to react and move away from their normal offensive actions. These defensive tactics set the tempo by striking first rather than reacting to an opponent's game plan. No other system can so thoroughly and effectively generate more offense off the defense, stifle opponent scoring in so many ways, reduce second shot scoring opportunities, and take charge of game tempo and momentum.

Defensive Guru, Bob Kloppenburg, shares the basics of SOS pressure "D" at its devastating best!

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SOS Overview

The It's important to note that regardless of whether you are disciple of pressure, a zealous advocate of the zone, or philosophically somewhere in between SOS Pressure Defense has something for you. The six keys to winning with SOS Pressure Defense.


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SOS Concepts

The To understand why SOS Pressure Defense is so potentially succesful as an offensive deterrent, it's important to focus on the key concepts and techniques that are the heart and core of the system.


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SOS Player Fundamentals

SOS individual defensive fundamentals and teaching techniques will enhance and strengthen defensive performance no matter what basic system is employed. Simple to complex progression, along with specific SOS key words are used to clearly identify and trigger all of the basic On-Ball and Off-Ball defensive actions.


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Contact Switching

SOS Pressure Defense gives credibility that switching is a very effective strategy to use against screening teams. Automatic contact switching, both On-Ball and Off-Ball screens, eliminates any hesitations, confusions and indecisions on the part of the defenders.


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SOS Baseline & Side Screen Disruptions

Through On-Ball pressure, first pass denials, switching and trapping actions, SOS Pressure Defense will disrupt any kind of structured offense forcing the offensive players into reacting against the defensive pressure resulting in turnovers and rushed shots.


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SOS Post Disruptions

The importance of post defense cannot be over emphasized. It is the highest scoring area on the court and must be defended with utmost priority. Sound individual post defense fundamentals can be augment with post traps at times to insure total disruption of the inside post up game. Fronting, Base Go Trap, Go Top, Wing Go, and Hold options provide the strategic weapons to combat a strong post up game.

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SOS Mid-Court Disruptions

Red Same, Red Opposite, Red Mid, and Red Rover are SOS mid court disruptive scenarios that can be used to change tempo, create easy baskets and disrupt execution of an opponent's set offense. Additionally, these mid court scenarios may be used to take the ball out of the hands of a good penetrating point guard. All of these half court SOS disruptions differ only on who becomes the initial trapping defender.

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SOS Full Court Disruptions

SOS full court pressure forces the offensive team into reacting to backcourt pressure. The effectiveness of full court pressure is dependent timing and on the execution of the basic individual defensive fundamentals. SOS full court pressure scenarios are referred to as "Shadow" full court actions. The term "Shadow" indicates that a second defender is always shadowing (playing behind) and supporting the On-Ball defender.

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SOS Set Offense Disruptions

The "Case for Defense" - Total All Out SOS disruptions of the most commonly used set offenses.


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