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Points Prevented Are Just As
Important As Points Scored

Every contested shot, every bad pass, and every turnover forced along with every disrupted offensive pattern is vital to the outcome of the game. Successful defensive teams just don't happen, they must be developed and nourished. They are the result of solid defensive fundamentals and teamwork.

Face with the dilemma of having to defend and disrupt the escalating power of today's modern offenses and talented offensive players, HoopTactics Defensive Presentations focus upon the kind of defensive strategies which best confront and keep your opponents from executing their set plays. Learn how to force more rushed or bad shots. How to create more bad passes and turnovers. How to eliminate one-on-one isolations, and ways to increase the number of defensive stops.

Choose from one of the nine defensive strategies below.

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SOS Defense System

SOS pressure "D" can disrupt the most potent offenses with techniques and tactics that dictate the flow of the game. These defensive tactics set the tempo by striking first rather than reacting to an opponent's game plan. NBA Defensive Guru, Bob Kloppenburg, shares the basics of pressure "D" at its devastating best!


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Player Development - Defensive Fundamentals

The success of any defense is totally dependent on player skills and techniques. Like their offensive counterparts, defensive fundamentals must be broken down and practiced constantly. Players need to know and practice how to guard the player with the ball, how to guard a player without the ball, how to guard a cutter, how to guard a player in post area, and how to box out and rebound on shots.


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Defensive Disruptions

Tenacious defensive players will never let up during the entire game. They are workaholic. They challenges every shot, pass, dribble, and cut. This is the very foundation on which Disruptive Pressure Defense is built. Every blocked shot, every bad pass, every rushed shot, every turnover, and every disrupted offensive pattern are vital to the outcome of the game.


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Zone Defenses

In zone defenses, defenders are assigned to guard specific areas on the court. Zone defenses are named or designated by their player alignments. One of the biggest advantages of zone defenses are their simplicity. They are fairly easy to teach and learn which is important for programs where coaches do not have a lot of practice time. They also can be used when players do not possess a lot athleticism or quickness.


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Defensive Transition

Good transition defense really starts with good offense. When players take good care of the ball and take good shots along with strong offensive rebounding and defensive balance, it makes it difficult for the opponent to push the ball. However, do not do not leave defensive transition up to chance. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.


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Half Court Presses

One of the most effective weapons to slow down and disrupt a fast break team is a half court zone press. Since most fast break teams rely on a single ball handler, this plays right into the strength of a half court press by forcing the ball handler to dribble penetrate right into a double team. Most opponents will normally only have one set half court press break. Once the primary options are taken away, it leaves them only with a disorganized free lance attack.


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Full Court Presses

Extending the defense can be very potent weapon at times. However, the effectiveness of full court pressure is dependent timing and on the execution of the basic individual defensive fundamentals. The types of presses deployed will vary according to player personnel, and to the game situation.


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Combination Defense

Combination defenses can be very devastating to any team not prepared to attack them. Like all defenses, they have their strengths and weakness. However, timing is the most critical factor to their success. One of the biggest problem of using combination defenses is that most coaches do not take the time to prepare a team sufficiently enough for them to be real effective. Combination defenses, like all defenses, need to be practiced and refined.


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Defensive Situations

Winning of "BIG" games and championships are not a matter of chance. They are a result of being prepared down to the smallest detailed. Do not ever expect your players to execute anything defensively during a game that you have not covered in practice. Defensive situations covered include out of bounds plays, jump balls, defending against a "Super Star" and "Footer," boxing out on free throws, and last shots.


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