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This Free Area offers many samples of the HoopTactics Presentations available to our Premium Members. They are presented in their entirety to show the power of HoopTactics. These highly successful, proven presentations are grouped into four basic areas: Offensive Strategies, Defensive Strategies, Coaching Strategies, and Player Development.

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Check out the HoopTactics Offensive StrategiesClick here for the Free Area Offensive Strategies

Whether you are an NBA head coach, a little dribbler's coach, or an interested spectator, you'll find HoopTactics Offensive Strategies a valuable and complete resource.

Free Area Offensive Strategies Presentations include Early Offense, Set Offenses, Motion Offenses, Spread Offenses, Zone Offenses and Offensive Situations.

Check out The HoopTactics Defensive StrategiesClick here for the Free Area Defensive Strategies

Preventing the other team from scoring is just as important as points scored. Every blocked shot, every bad pass, every rushed shot, every turnover and every disrupted offensive pattern is vital to the outcome of the game. HoopTactics Defensive Strategies show you how to disrupt even the most potent offenses.

Free Area Defensive Strategies Presentations encompass SOS Defense, Disruptive Pressure Defense, Zone Defenses, Combination Defenses, Defensive Transition, Half Court Presses, Full Court Presses, Defending Most Common Offenses, and Defensive Situations.

Free Area Coaching StrategiesClick here for the Free Area Coaching Strategies

Coaching requires a real commitment and dedication. Coaches should be well trained in the art of teaching. They must not only know what they are doing, but must also have an enthusiasm and enjoyment for doing it. Coaches must impart this energy to the team. Being well organized and prepared requires careful planning and thought. HoopTactics Coaching Strategies guides the way.

Free Area Coaching Strategies Presentations cover Coaching Prerequisites, Practice Guidelines, Drills for Skills, Game Preparation, Game Time Decisions, Winning Close Games, and Post Game Analysis.

Free Area Player DevelopmentClick here for the Free Area Player Development

Basketball is not a game of offenses and defenses, but a game of effort and execution. The perfecting of basketball skills requires active learning on the part of the players. To be effective, precise execution and footwork are vital. Repetition is a must. Motor skill learning also requires visualization and mental practice. HoopTactics Player Development goes far beyond just the "How's." We provide the "Why's" and "When's" as well.

Free Area Player Development Presentations consist of Player Prerequisities, Practicing Smart, Playing Smart, Offensive Skill Development and Defensive Skill Development.


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