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 HoopTactics provides basketball coaches, players and enthusiasts with powerful tools which insure strong player development and a greater enjoyment of the game. HoopTactics originated in 2000 as an NBA basketball website on the Rivals Network called "Pro Game Plan." Glen Nelson - former Sonic beat writer for the Seattle Times - asked Bob Kloppenburg and Ernie Woods to create a website containing the NBA's most commonly used offenses. With the demise of the Rivals Network in 2001, the highly successful Pro Game Plan website was incorporated into, and it's name was changed to HoopTactics. It has since been continually enhanced and expanded to include offensive strategies, defensive strategies, coaching strategies and player development. HoopTactics ever-increasing popularity has established it as the world’s leading online basketball resource.

HoopTactics Worldwide 

Bob Kloppenburg, Tom Newell & Ernie Woods

Together their basketball coaching/teaching experience adds up to over 100 years of involvement in the game. Through clinics, publications, and now the internet, they have shared their basketball savvy with teams, players and coaches on all levels of the game throughout the world. You can find out more about Bob Kloppenburg & Ernie Woods by clicking the links below.

  Bob Kloppenburg   Tom Newell   Ernie Woods


Here are a few of the unsolicited accolades and comments our members have sent.

"HoopTactics is the most amazing basketball resource I've ever come across!" - Joel Hueser

"This is an awesome resource!”- Justin Kamm

"The most comprehensive and informative website on basketball strategy I’ve ever seen." - Brian Prince

"A treasure trove of great ideas." - Dereck Atencio

"Great site! Really enjoy it and have learned a lot." - Paul Niland

"What a find! HoopTactics is exactly what I have been looking for." - Jamie O’Louglin

"I love the concept behind HoopTactics." - Kevin Orr

"Wow, what an incredible basketball resource." - Tony Hugill

"Thank you. I have learned so much from HoopTactics." - Ronnie Jones

"The best on the net to learn about basketball tactics." - Todd Oakerton

"By far the best resource on the web. The content is so completely organized and the illustrations superb!" - Rick Larsen

"I have read and gleaned over just about every page. There is so much information." - Lyle Hicks

"What a resource! Thanks for all the great tips and add me as a subscriber." - Bill Cornell



We would like to gratefully acknowledge the direct and indirect contributions of countless, wonderful coaches that have freely provided their thoughts, experiences and insights through clinics, seminars and personal conversations in making HoopTactics a reality.

We would particularly like to thank all of our former players and assistant coaches, along with all of the opposing coaches that we have coached against for teaching us so much about the game.

We would also like to thank and honor all of our coaches under whose guidance we were privileged to learn and play. They not only provided us with the necessary knowledge and playing skills to play the game, but, more importantly, gave us the foundation and expertise for a highly enjoyable and successful coaching career and life.

A special thanks to our close colleagues and friends for their encouragement and contributions. Most of all, we would like to thank my son, Robert Woods, for all of his expertise, guidance and graphical work, without which version 4 would have not been possible.

Lastly, we would like to give our gratitude to the current coaches and players who have taken our advice for a successful season, and to all the youth coaches, on whom the future of the game depends, for all their volunteer time and the effort they put into the game.


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