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Out of Bounds Plays

Some coaches just like to get ball inbounds and then set up a play, while other coaches find it a great opportunity to attack; and, since most teams are poorly prepared to defend out of bounds situations, they deploy several inbounds plays during a game. However, no matter what philosophy is utilized, the primary objective is to first inbound the ball successfully, and then get into the hands of your best players for a high percentage shot.

Involves vision, communication, execution and timing

Out of bounds plays are successful when cuts, screens, and passes are executed with proper techniques and precision. Players must be able to anticipate and read defensive deployment. They should know what options to execute when the defense zones, switches, fights over screens, etc. Players need to be alert to counter any defensive overplay or carelessness. Out of bounds plays must also account for defensive balance and safety outlets.

Automatic reads are the first option on all out of bound situations.

  1. Players should cut to basket for lay-up any time their defender plays with their back towards them watching the basketball.
  2. When the inbounder is left unguarded, they should execute a quick "give & go" with the inbounder making a quick inbounds pass and cutting to the basket for a return pass.
  3. If a defender faces up and plays with their back to the inbounds passer, players should have the "Green" light to execute a lob pass over the defender for shot.

On automatics players should communicate using eye contact and body language.

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