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Daily Practice Planning

Daily Practice Plans

Referring to the master plan, carefully plan each practice in advance. Do not ever take the practice court unprepared. All phases of the game should be considered with early emphasis on physical conditioning, fundamental drills and team organization. Teach well and do not give players too much. It is better to do a few things well and many things mediocre. You may have to extend some of the master plan well into the season.

Proper distribution of practice time within a practice is essential.

  • Maximum length for a single practice should be 2 1/2 hours. Little is accomplished after 2 hours.

  • Long practices also reduce player enthusiasm and performance.
  • In addition, problems of fatigue, reduced effort and injuries are encounter after 2 hours.

  • As season progresses length of practice should decrease.

  • On days before a game, cut the practice time down in length, but not in intensity.

Daily practice schedules should be flexible enough to make modifications or changes at team progresses or regresses.

  • No perfect plan. Do not hesitate in making necessary changes as needed.
  • Do not set up daily practice plans too far in advance.
  • Note any changes on master plan.
  • If/when things are going badly skip to the next item and come back at the end of practice or next practice.

Write out and carry daily plan to practice

  • No coach should take the practice floor without a written daily practice schedule. Mental plans will elude you on the floor. Use a 3 X 5 card.

  • Include each drill and phase of game to be covered. Points of emphasis. Amount of time for each phase.

  • Players will feel a sense of organization and respect coach’s efforts.

Printable Practice Schedule   Printable Practice Schedule Form


Always end practice on a positive note.

  • It is best to leave floor with the players looking forward to next practice.

  • No substitute for eagerness to play.

Along with daily practice schedule be sure to keep a short resume and evaluation of each practice.


Practice Components

Early Time

  • Sets tone for practice. Not a time for socializing.

  • Individual work assignments & One on one coaching.

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  • Design to warm players up not a work out.

  • Include stretching.

  • Injury prevention


  • Emphasize early in season.

  • Part method – drills must have a definite correlation with offense or defense.

  • Short with time limits. If/when things not going well, go on to next drill.

  • Emphasis and insist on proper footwork.

  • Make competitive and challenging.

Game preparation and team play

  • Increases as season progresses.

  • Add time and score situations.


  • Do not over scrimmage. Cannot teach during scrimmages.

  • Situation scrimmages are a must.

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  • Decreases as season progresses.

  • Condition with the ball. Use fast break drills.

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Cool Down

  • Stretching after practice can be more beneficial to injury prevention than stretching at the start of practice.

  • Players should never be allowed to leave the court with high heart rates.

Chalk talks

  • Pre-practice. Go over practice plan.

  • Teach and add new things at start of practice when player attention is greatest.

  • Post practice review what was covered in practice.




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