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Phase II: Early Flow

After early offense gets the 2 to 3 second push into the offensive operating area, it is equally as important that when the initial transition passing lanes and dribble penetration is denied the offensive team quickly moves into set offensive flow scenarios before the defense is able to apply any structured, modes of attack. In short, the flow should prevent the necessity of the offensive team to bring the ball back out before beginning to execute a set play which would allow the defense to get its players into their planned areas of defensive attack. This can be seen in so many modern offenses. The precious seconds it takes to back the ball out, allows the defense to regain the initiative, and employ all of their defensive weapons. The constant attack of "flow action" keeps the defense at a disadvantage.

Early offense is flexible. It allows for the game within a game to take place at all times. It is designed so that players can take advantage of any isolations, two man game or three man game situations as they occur. We hope to show many "flow" actions, which also can be used as half court offense when/if early pushes are not available. "Flow" actions are actually half court offenses executed without having to back the ball out to initiate a set play. If a coach chooses to call off or slow down early pushes, because of fatigue or personnel reasons, then the offensive "flow" actions become the teams half court set offenses.

Proven Offensive Flow Sets

When the initial transition passing lanes and dribble penetration is denied, the offensive team should move directly into their set offense without bringing the ball back out before executing a set play which would allow the defense to get set. The following are proven early flow actions we have amassed over the years. These sets can be ran to either side of the court depending on player strenghts and weaknesses. However, keep in mind it is their execution and spacing that makes them successful.

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Final Continuity Phase

If/when the early flow set does not create a good shot or advantage, as the shot clock winds down, it is important to move right into a continunity style of play. To learn about the early offense "Continunity" phase, click the the Phase III button below.

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