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Early Push

Phase I: Early Push

Good continuous early offensive flow prevents or hinders any pre-planned defensive disruption scenarios by forcing the defense to "react" rather than "act." When the offense is able to get the ball into the offensive operating area with in 2 to 3 seconds, most often the defenders are spread out creating space where good 1 on 1 creativity has a chance to produce a high percentage field goal attempt. Getting into offense before the defense can establish proper player match ups also creates severe mismatches.

Most early offenses depend on quick, wide lane releases, inbound pass, and pass advance to reach the offensive operating areas before all of the defenders can retreat into the front court area. The lanes are broken down into wings, middle, trailer, and push. After initial lanes are denied by good defensive transition or poor offensive run outs, or slow inbound or outlet passes, then the "flow" becomes of the utmost importance in taking the initiative away from the defensive team.Here are two proven fast break offenses:

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If/when the early push does not create a good shot or advantage it is important to move right into the offensive flow without allowing the defense to set up. To continue with early offense and learn about the importance of continuous Offensive "Flow", click the Phase II Continuous Flow button.

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