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Coaching Statistical Metamorphosis

What to Discover or Recall:

Discover, while the final score is paramount, how the score is achieved is of the utmost importance for future play.
Find out the three progressive phases coaches go through in implementing statistics.
Learn that statisticians are becoming a vital part of the team.
Understand the benefits of keeping statistics during preseason practice and scrimmages.

Basketball Statistics

The value of stats can be anywhere from being meaningless numbers to an essential coaching aid.

At first, coaches are happy just to get numbers printed off on a sheet of white paper after the game. However, they quickly progress and start checking for accuracy and making sure all of the numbers added up correctly. Next, they begin to actually analyze the significance of the numbers and what they actually indicated. And, lastly they progress to a level to where they use of this data and information as a tool in planning and implementing practices and game preparation (application). As a result, their team's and individual player's performances are greatly improved.

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Coaches' Seasonal Statistical Progression

Phase 1

Phase 1.  At the beginning of the season,  coaches will be primarily interested in using the statistical reports for individual player analysis and evaluation. How well individual players are shooting, rebounding, making steals, etc. This is why it is important to get a head start and use CyberSports for basketball during preseason practices and scrimmages. Do NOT wait for actual games to statistically analyze your player performances.

Keeping statistics during scrimmages not only will provide useful data on individual player performances but, more importantly, it will enhance the caliber of play. For example: If a player turns the ball over 10 times, the next scrimmage they will definitely take better care of the ball or if a player goes 1 for 10 from three point range, they will have better shot selection in the next scrimmage. Basketball is a game of habits. By improving scrimmage play, it will definitely better prepare teams for  actual games. 

Phase 2

Phase 2. Once the coaches get a grasp on their player personnel, the focus will change to team analysis and evaluation. Coaches will be interested in knowing how well players are shooting and rebounding overall as a team along with analyzing the effectiveness of using various lineup combinations in various situations and scenarios.

Phase 3

Phase 3. Lastly, the coaches main focus will change to the opponents. Since the various statistical reports can also be used to analyze opponents performances, lineups,  and tendencies, they will become a vital component of their scouting reports and game preparation. The trading of game files, like video tapes, is becoming common place.


Statisticians and SID's Expanding Roles

Computers and CyberSports has made a change in the traditional role of the SID and basketball statisticians. In the past, SID's were mainly public relation people. During a game, they were strictly liaisons for the news media responsible for distributing halftime and final game stats. Coaches would receive copies of the boxscore as a byproduct. Sid's and statisticians received little or no recognition for their efforts.

However, this has change, no longer does the media have priority on stats. The wealth of information that the statistical reports and charts produce has a definite impact on the outcome of the game and the coaches want access to it. Once outsiders looking in, SID's and statisticians now have become a vital part of the team itself. It has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience in seeing this metamorphosis taking place.

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