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Why Keep Stats?

What to Discover or Recall:

Discover that statistics are now available to coaches on all levels of the game.
Find out that the wealth of information generated in statistical reports and shot charts have a definite impact on the outcome of a game.
Learn that the once statistician's tedious, thankless job of capturing statistics is now actually fun and a vital part of a team.
Understand that software programs, like Cybersports, with click of the mouse data entry and built-in logic insure quick and accurate statistics.

Cybersports Statistician

"I don’t believe in keeping statistics. The only stat that matters is the final score."

This was true at one time, mainly because their opponents were not keeping and using statistics either. However, times have definitely changed. If you currently don't believe in keeping and using statistics, you had better not play the Larry Brown’s, Mike Krzyewski's, or Pat Summitt’s, who are all masters of game evaluation and preparation. The final score is still paramount. However, how that score is achieved is now of the utmost importance for future play.

In the past, basketball statistics were a luxury available only to professional and major college teams. For the average coach, statistics were a nightmare, requiring great amounts of time and effort in acquiring and training statisticians and then manually compiling the various stats and percentages. For most coaches stats were just not worth all the effort.

But, computers have changed all of this. They have taken the huge burden and responsibility of statistics off the coaches’ back, while providing them a wealth of information that coaches only a decade ago dreamed about. And, the best news of all is that the same software that is currently being used on the university and professional teams is now available for any team on any levels. There are even hand held pocket PC’s versions available.

If all of this is not enough, game statistics can even be webcasted live over the Internet. Webcasting live world wide is a simple procedure and it’s free. All that’s needed is a courtside Internet connection. The software does all the rest. Webcasting not only opens up a whole new world of communication, but it also adds a lot of prestige and interest to any program. Players, parents, boosters and the media all love it.

Anyone who has ever hosted a basketball tournament knows the headaches involved in trying to provide tournament stats. But, with today’s software programs, every team and every participant can be tracked during a tournament. Detailed tournament team and individual leader’s reports are generated with a click of the mouse. Even the tournament bracket is updated automatically.

To be of value, though, statistics must be accurate. Inaccurate or incomplete stats have about as much value as no stats at all. Today’s software programs insure accuracy in stat keeping. By using prompts, they actually lead statisticians into making correct data entry. No longer will there be score sheets with more rebounds than missed shots, more steals than turnovers, or more assists than made shots. Software programs, such as Cybersports for basketball, also have built in logic and powerful editing capabilities along with intensive built in help utilities that include official rules and guidelines. If a statistician should ever have a specific scoring question all they have to do is click “Help” to find the answer. Presently if you ask 10 different coaches what constitute an assist, you will probably receive ten different answers.

What was once a tedious and thankless job, capturing and compiling statistics is now similar to playing a computer game. As a result, statisticians now actually enjoy and look forward to keeping stats. The wealth of information contained on the statistical reports and charts have a definite impact on the outcome of the game and the coaches want access to it. No longer is the final score the only thing that matters.

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